How to Book

Step 1

Hit the “Contact Karen” button and fill in the form (or email to be in touch and get the ball rolling!

Step 2

Pay your session fee – you can click here to do so, or email me to grab my bank details!

Step 3

Work with me to pick a session date, or book a tentative if you’re pregnant (babies come when they are ready!).

If you’re booking a family session, now is the time to work out a location too.

Step 4

Select your outfits for the shoot. I’m more than happy to work through this with you, if you need a hand!

Step 5

It’s time to take your photos! You’ll either come to the studio for a newborn session, or we’ll meet out and about! Either way, you’ll have a lovely time. I promise!

Step 6

I’ll edit your photos and create a gallery of gorgeous images for you. I’m positive you’ll love them.

Then, we’ll work through the ordering process – once your invoice is paid, I’ll order your prints and products for you.

Step 7

You’ll take home your gorgeous family memories to hang on the wall and enjoy.

(And hopefully send me a photo of your wall, so I can see you enjoying them too!!!!).

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